Jade Cropper highlights the synergy effects created by the unconventional interplay of fusing the energy of the streets with elegant, and couture pieces to change the status of multifunctional wear. The collections are defined by Jade’s signature and contemporary expression with an emphasis on versatility, inventive detailing, imperfection and deconstructed design. Jade Cropper wants to challenge traditions, reinvent, and encourage multifunctional garments.

“The clothes that I make express another version of myself, It wasn’t deliberate at first but then I realized that I was always coming back to this alter-ego; drawing from the person that my grandmother was. I want to enhance and explore what fashion can make you feel in terms of identity.”

Sustainability is a central part of Jade Croppers designs. Solving different sustainability problems gives her ideas for techniques and constructions, that makes the pieces versatile, multifunctional and timeless. Jade Cropper is on a mission to steer away from fast fashion and traditional ways of production and is centered around using waste fabrics, deadstock and recycled material.

Since launch in 2020, the brand has been selected for Swedish Fashion Talents and gained significant attention from the industry and on social media. Jade Cropper has a studio in Stockholm with all the fashion produced in Sweden and shipping to customers worldwide.